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Belgian Chocolate, Daniel Toronto - Highest Quality, 100% Premium Belgian Chocolates

Belgian Chocolate by Daniel, Toronto is made with GLUTEN FREE Ingredients!

Daniel Belgian Chocolates, Toronto, Ontario - Using high quality fresh, natural ingredients like whipping cream and butter, Daniel's Belgian chocolates taste rich and flavorful without the need of artificial flavor additives. We also have an organic selection; wedding favours and Sugar Free chocolates.

Buy TG11 - Marzipan - Apples and Pumpkins 5 pcs (click for more detail)
TG11 - Marzipan - Apples and Pumpkins 5 pcs.
Price: $11.50
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Buy TG01 -  Large Chocolate Turkey (Hollow) (click for more detail)
TG01 - Large Chocolate Turkey (Hollow).
Price: $10.50
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Buy TG02 - Small Solid Turkey 45g (click for more detail)
TG02 - Small Solid Turkey 45g.
Price: $4.60
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