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Belgian Chocolate, Daniel Toronto - Highest Quality, 100% Premium Belgian Chocolates

Belgian Chocolate by Daniel, Toronto is made with GLUTEN FREE Ingredients!

Daniel Belgian Chocolates, Toronto, Ontario - Using high quality fresh, natural ingredients like whipping cream and butter, Daniel's Belgian chocolates taste rich and flavorful without the need of artificial flavor additives. We also have an organic selection; wedding favours and Sugar Free chocolates.

About Daniel Belgian Chocolates Toronto - Le Chocolat Belge

About Daniel Belgian Chocolates Toronto


Daniel Chocolate: Adherence to Purity

The majority of Daniel's chocolates are shell-molded because it is the traditional process practiced in Belgium. Although shell-molding process involves more steps and time to complete than the common enrobing method, the elegant and symmetrical finish is well worth the effort.>> more...

Our Philosophy: Daniel's Chocolate Affair

Born and raised in Belgium, chocolate was an inseparable part of my daily diet. I still remember how good it was to let it melt in my mouth and try to make the piece last as long as possible in order to be the last one in the family still enjoying it.>> more...

Toronto Chocolate Glossary

Chocolates Toronto Glossary>> more...